All About Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego of Nigeria

Miss World 2001, the 51st release of the Miss World expo, was hung on 16 November 2001 at the Super Bowl of Sun City Entertainment Center in Sun City, South Africa. 93 hopefuls from everywhere throughout the world vied for the title. Agbani Darego from Nigeria won the show, she turned into the first dark African to win the Miss World crown and the fifth dark lady after Jennifer Hosten (1970, Grenada), Gina Swainson (1979, Bermuda), Giselle Laronde (1986, Trinidad and Tobago), Lisa Hanna (1993, Jamaica). She was delegated by Priyanka Chopra of India.

Nigerians have respected the delegated of Agbani Darego as dark Africa's first Miss World, welcoming her triumph as a cheerful preoccupation from late awful news. Ms Darego, a 18-year-old software engineering understudy daihatsu ayla, scooped the title from among more than 90 hopefuls on Friday.

News of her triumph ruled Nigeria's daily papers through the weekend, pushing out stories of spiraling ethnic and religious roughness. The opposition permitted the group of onlookers to vote online not long from now shockingly, and Nigerians were accounted for to have run to digital bistros to tune in. Coordinators said more than one billion viewers around the globe were required to have viewed the show.

Feelgood element
"Things have been so awful of late, it takes your brain off of things, its an extraordinary preoccupation," Lagos specialist Patrick Nwagbogu told the Reuters news organization.

Coordinators of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria expo likewise said Ms Darego's triumph would make open doors for ladies in Nigeria. Indeed the legislature is looking to join the gathering with arranged gatherings for the new Miss World to be facilitated by the First Lady and two governors battery vizz.

Zerelda Lee - Miss Aruba - took the prize for first runner up and Juliet-Jane Horne of Scotland won second runner up. Ms Darego said after the challenge that when she looked in the mirror she saw a young lady who needed to be a PC researcher and additionally a super model.

"I am thus, so upbeat. It's a grand feeling and its indefinable... I know back home they were all keeping an eye out for me and I am glad I did right by them," she said.

No dissents
Ms Darego is the fourth African to win the Miss World challenge seo gratis, ordinarily ruled by victors from Europe, the Americas and India. White South Africans won the show in 1958 and 1974, and an Arab Egyptian was triumphant in 1954.

The Miss World show has subsequent to the 1970s been the focus of challenge by women's activists who viewed it as debasing to ladies. At the same time it now shows itself as socially cognizant and brings up cash for kids' reasons. There were said to be no challenges not long from now.